Cardi B And Rah Ali Exchange Hostile Words On Twitter

It’s been awhile since the two last traded words, but Bronx rap star Cardi B and Love & Hip Hop member Rah Ali’s feud was back on once again on Wednesday (April 8).

Their exchange started after Cardi stumbled across a post on a social media page for Rah’s radio show, ItsOnSite, which reshared a tweet that she had previously cleared up as a fake. She immediately took to Twitter and addressed the matter.

“How you posting fake tweets of me? I been [clarified] this months ago! When these weirdos make this fake s**t up. I never wrote this on my Twitter and I put that ON MY CHILD! I understand b***ches don’t like me but to put [up] a whole fake tweet about me trying to start s**t…,” the “Money” rapper wrote along with a screenshot of the post in question.

It didn’t take long for Rah to slide in her mentions. Things got messier after she threatened to expose Cardi’s marital woes. “Get off Twitter sneak dissing, your husband in the other room on that video game texting h**s again,” the reality star issued.

After Cardi corrected that she was directly referring to Rah, she continued on with her clapback. “Let’s not talk about husbands ‘cause I will put your whole situation on blast,” Cardi warned before clarifying that she doesn’t have an issue with Rah posting about her, but rather posting fake content that spreads lies. She added that the two can handle things over DMs.

However, Rah hit back with more shots.

“Ouuu baby, let’s do it,” she challenged Cardi and took shots at her longtime friend Star Brim, who is currently in the midst of her own legal battle.“Your lame friend already ATTEMPTED that. My union is SOLID. So please, give it your best shot so I can make a complete mockery of you.”



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